Advanced Tango Figures
& Sequences Volume 1

Sergio Segura Productions presents for the first time on video a complete course of challenging yet fun material for the intermediate to advanced tango dancer. The renown tango historian Anton Gazenbeek and Natalie Laruccia,  bring you 8 complex figures complete with highly detailed instruction on both the man's and woman's role, the technique necessary to execute the figures properly, and historical anecdotes about those who created and performed these figures. As an added bonus, there is a photo gallery of historic, archival photos of famous tango Maestros from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. This is the truly a video not to be missed and a collectors item for those interested in historic tango. Don't hesitate. Learn it today!!

Step List:
1. Introduction
2. The Fundamentals of Tango: Embrace, Posture, Dance Position, Leading
3. Basic with Bicicleta, Boleo, and Arrastre
4. Corridita with Boleo, Lunge and Man's Gancho
5. "See-saw" with Arrastre and Woman's Adornment
6. Giro with Ganchos, Boleos, and Woman's "Zarandeo" Adornment
7. Giro with Men's Ganchos and Woman's Salto (Jump)
8. Woman's Back Sacada with Man's Salto (Jump)
9. Empujadita (Push) with Doble Enrosque for Man and Woman
10. Giro with Traspie and Doble Boleo
11. Dance Demo
12. Photo gallery


Level: Intermediate & Advanced

Languaje: English

Duration: 80 min

System: NTSC

Regions: All regions


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Idea and Research: by Antón Gazenbeek

Teachers: Antón Gazenbeek and Natalie Laruccia 

Edited and Filmed by: Jerry Minne  - Video Magic  -  Detroit, MI, USA

Photography, graphic design by: Sergio Segura

Produced by: Sergio Segura Productions

Date: January 2006

Special Thanks: Master Jorge Raul Bravo


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