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Tango Saln:
The Fundamentals of Social Argentine Tango Volume 1

Tango Saln: The Fundamentals of Social Argentine Tango Vol. 1 is a basic course for those interested in learning elegant, simple, authentic Argentine Tango as it was always danced in the salons and dance halls of Buenos Aires. Antn Gazenbeek and Natalie Laruccia, world renowned dancers, teachers, and tango historians present a course with all the information necessary for the novice to get started on the right track with tango. Detailed explanation is given on posture, the embrace, walking, and leading and following as well as historic anecdotes on how the dance was traditionally interpreted. All the basic steps and elements are covered with detailed explanation on the leader's and follower's roles. Filmed in Club Sin Rumbo, the legendary tango club in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Urquza, this video contains a special chapter on the "cdigos de la milonga" or the etiquette of the milongas in which important details are covered such as how to ask the woman to dance, how to take care of one's partner on the dance floor, and other useful tips. As an added bonus, a historic overview of Club Sin Rumbo is given with an actual tour of the facility guided by tango historian and investigator Antn Gazenbeek. Don't hesitate! Buy your copy and start learning this beautiful, elegant dance today!


Step List:

1. History of Club Sin Rumbo

2. Introduction

3. Posture

4. The Embrace

5. Weight Change and Leading and Following

6. Walking in line with the Partner

7. Walking outside the Partner

8. Basic Step (La Salida)

9. Basic Step with 7 beats (from Side Step)

10. Crossed Basic Step (Bsico Cruzado)

11. Salida Milonguera

12. Front Ochos (Ochos Adelnte)

13. Back Ochos (Ochos Atrs)

14. Rock Step (Cunita/ Hamaca)

15. Cdigos de la Milonga (Etiquette of the milonga)

16. Demo Dance




Level: Beginners

Languaje: English

Duration: 80 min

System: NTSC

Regions: All regions

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Holidays sale $42.00USD


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Idea and Research: by Antn Gazenbeek

Teachers: Antn Gazenbeek and Natalie Laruccia 

Filmed on Location in: Club Sin Rumbo -  Buenos Aires, Argentina

Music Courtesy of: Amor Tango by

Photography, graphic design by: Sergio Segura

Produced by: Sergio Segura Productions

Date: September 2006





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