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Leading in Tango
The Secrets of Traditional Argentine Tango Series

Leading is essential to Argentine Tango, no matter what the style. For the first time on video, Sergio Segura Productions offers a full course on leading techniques. Anton Gazenbeek, recognized around the world as “the guy with the million dollar lead” shares his secrets for strong and clear leading. Aimed at leaders (both male and female) this DVD offers a very intensive course with all the information necessary to learn to lead with clarity, precision and confidence. Fascinating insight into the follower’s role as well as pointers and tips are given to make for a better understanding of the follower’s role in Argentine Tango dance. The system has been proven at the School of Traditional Argentine Tango in New York City and in all Anton & Sergio’s classes around the world and has met with great success.


Step List:


1. Introduction
2. Basic Concepts
3. Leading Tools
4. The Three Directions
5. Lead then Follow
6. Weight Change
7. Contain vs. Freedom
8. Application in Step
9. Energies
10. Tips for Followers
11. “The Chair”
12. History of the Men’s Practica
13. Final Message



Language: English

Duration: 68 min

System: NTSC

Regions: All regions


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Idea and Research: by Antón Gazenbeek

Teachers: Antón Gazenbeek and Sergio Segura

Edited and Filmed by: Shergold Studios, Charlottesville, VA

Place: Shergold Studios, Charlottesville, VA

Photography art, graphic design by: Sergio Segura

Produced by: Sergio Segura Productions

Date: Nov 2008

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