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Historic Tango dance recreations

Through these amazing historic tango dance recreations, one has the opportunity to see with ones own eyes the history of tango. Antn Gazenbeek and Carina Losano present dances with authentic music, choreography, wardrobe, and makeup from the specific time period. All details are carefully studied to present an authentic and accurate recreation of vintage tango styles.  Many of these styles are no longer danced today and this is the only chance to see these dances live with ones own eyes.

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Available Tango Dance History Recreations



The original form of tango dance from the 1900s. A primitive, lost form of tango today. Performed in vintage era costumes, shoes, hair and makeup with authentic posture and steps.


Tango in Paris 1913

The beautiful, stylized tango from the height of the tango craze of 1913 in Europe. After many years of studying old photographs, Parisian dance manuals, and talking with historians, this couple has recreated not only an authentic dance from the time period but the authentic clothing as well. Not to be missed!


Dance style from the neighborhood clubs most popular in the 1930s and 1940s. Characterized for its extremely fast, complicated, and playfully creative figures. A lost dance style today, this couple is one of the only dancers in the world who still teaches it and regularly performs it based on  many years of research.

Practice of Men


The time-honored tradition of the practice between men, which was the base of all the best dancers during the Golden Age of Tango (1950s). It was from these practice sessions that tango danced emerged.



Tango de Saln



Classic, elegant, timeless! Compas, elegancia, y cadencia. A walked tango danced during the 1940s and 1950s. Steps from the finest salon dancers such as Fino and Maria Teresa, Sancinella, Portalea, and others are reproduced, respecting the original style, elegance, and energy of the dance.



Tango Fantasa

A creative form of tango demonstration invented by the milonguero dancers of the 1950s and 1960s. Characterized for it's high level of creativity, changes of dance positions, and many, many figures. It is rarely danced in it's authentic form today, but this couple preserves the roots of this exciting dance and dances it with full historical detail.


"Tango Argentino"


Tango Argentino was the show that opened the world's eyes to tango in the 1980s. With a cast of the best dancers, singers and musicians, the show had  a very special look, lighting, makeup and costumes. The spectacular dance style from the most important tango show ever danced in original costumes and hair and makeup from the show!



Antonio Todaro/Ral Bravo Style


In the history of tango there have been many important teachers and maestros. None have been as influential as Antonio Todaro and Ral Bravo. Both were the teachers of the best of the young generation of tango dancers from the 1980s. Their's was a dance full of energy, creativity, and expression.



Tango al Revs


An extremely creative form of tango danced in shadow position. Created in the 60's, danced by Arturito and popularized by Antonio Todaro. Antn is a world-recognized expert of this style. Sergio Segura Productions has produced a teaching DVD about this unique form of dancing tango and it is the only one in existence in the world.




Practice with Sticks


This was a creative way of practicing and creating tango steps used by a number of men in the 1940s and 1950s. In the past in Argentina, practicing with a woman was not very common and quite difficult due to the social etiquette of the times. Therefore, alternative methods had to be used. The men used to practice with sticks, brooms and even pool cues imitating the woman's legs!

Antn is one of the few in the world who practices this form of dance and he has taken it to an art form!


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