Club Sin Rumbo


Villa Urquiza, Buenos Aires


Founded in 1919

We are creating this site and we will update it soon with more information related with history and photographs.

Organizers: Mrs Marta Oliveto and Victor "El Gitano"

Tamborini 6157 - (Av Constituyentes 5900)

Buenos Aires, Argentina


9:30 pm Classes by Antn Gazenbeek & Natalie Laruccia

11:00 pm to 4:00 am Milonga

dance demonstrations by great milongueros


Promotional price $6 ARG (Bilingual class included)


Reserve your table 4571-9577 / 4574-0972

Bar, buffet with appetizers, pizzas and the best empanadas

cooked by Marta Oliveto (Don't miss them!)



This milonga is organized by Mrs. Marta Oliveto and Mr. Victor Romero.

Sergio Segura Productions is not related in any way with the organization of the "Club Sin Rumbo" milonga.

Sergio Segura Productions has donated it's time and effort to the international promotion of this milonga in order help to preserve this space for old milongueros, promote it around the world and make it possible to keep open.

Sergio Segura Productions will produce history presentations with videos about this beautiful place, conducted by tango historian Anton Gazenbeek.

We will appreciate any video material contributions about the history of this place.

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Club Sin Rumbo!!!




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10% of the sales will be donated to repair the air conditioner of the club