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Carina Losano is a native of Buenos Aires and has studied many forms of dance, including ballet, contemporary, modern-jazz, flamenco, and salsa, but she is internationally recognized for her mastery of tango.  Carina trained with many of the great Argentine tango masters—such as Juan Carlos Copes, Eduardo Arquimbau, Pepito Avellaneda, Gloria and Rodolfo Dinzels, Carlos Rivarola, Gustavo Naveira, Fabian Salas, and Graciela Gonzales—and taught students from all over the world at the revered Confiteria Ideal in Buenos Aires before moving to the US. 

To deepen her understanding of the history and structure of tango, Carina took classes at the Tango University of Buenos Aires on the theory and interpretation of tango music, tango style and technique, and tango poetry.  She was appointed a Cultural Ambassador by the Secretary of Culture of Buenos Aires in 2000 and now serves as the official tango instructor of the Argentine Embassy in Washington, DC.

Carina’s skill as a dancer and teacher has been acknowledged with numerous awards and accolades, including the “Golden Obelisk,” “Teacher of Milongueros,” “Young Generation of Milongueros,” and “Dedication to Tango,” which was awarded by Juan Carlos Copes.  She also was awarded First Prize in the “Championship Hugo del Carril” in 1997 and for three consecutive years represented “Solo Tango TV” in the International Exposition of the Cable Industry.

Carina performs regularly in the US at locations such as the Argentine Embassy, the Organization of American States, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and she was one of the featured performers at the Hispanic Inaugural Gala for President George W. Bush in 2001.

Her unique combination of technical skills as a dancer and interpersonal skills as an instructor have led international cruise lines—such as Radisson Seven Seas Cruises and MSC Cruises—to engage Carina as a guest instructor on cruises to several continents and numerous countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Turkey, UK and Uruguay.

Carina is an accomplished choreographer as well as performer and instructor, and her credits include teaching Madonna tango technique for her role in Evita, and co-choreographing the PEPSI commercial starring Shakira that was aired nationally throughout the U.S during the 2003 Academy Awards.  She also co-choreographed a commercial for HSBC Bank to launch a new marketing campaign in 2005 and the National Geographic Special on the Human Body and Reproduction in 2006.

As an instructor, Carina teaches a style of tango, which is elegant and dynamic, while at the same time relaxed, comfortable, enjoyable, and accessible to everyone.  Her natural ability and her training with some of the greatest masters from Argentina give her a unique capacity to instill her students with a deep feeling for the subtle nuances of tango.  She emphasizes contact and communication between dancers so that they move together in rhythm and harmony.  Under her guidance, students realize a new feeling for music and movement, and they come to enjoy the sensations, which have made tango a seductive art for generations.


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