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Tango al Revés
Tango in Shadow Position Vol. 1

For the first time on video the fabulous, fascinating and fun style of Tango al Revés is taught. A style of tango danced completely in shadow position, Tango al Revés or Tango Doble Frente offers a world of creative possibilities to the dancer. After over eight years of deep research into the style dancer, choreographer, teacher and tango historian Antón Gazenbeek brings us the authentic form of Tango al Revés complete with historic background information and anecdotes about its creation in the milongas and prácticas of the 1960s. Teaching according to the true method of Maestro Antonio Todaro, Mr. Gazenbeek, accompanied by Cecilia Gonzalez, takes us through an entire course starting with a number of creative ways of how to enter into the position and continues on with six beautiful figures. The instruction is complete with highly detailed instruction in both the leader's and follower's role with details on how the dance was traditionally interpreted. Special detail and emphasis is given to the lead of the figures as well as the secrets of how to follow them well and how to best apply them to the social dance situation mixing in the material with one’s own material to create a beautifully improvisational dance. Filmed in the Viejo Correo milonga in Buenos Aires, Argentina this is a video not to be missed. This is the first and only video in the world that teaches this fabulous, fascinating and fun style. Don’t hesitate. Learn it today!

Step List:

1. Introduction

2. Embrace and Dance Position

3. Entrance from Cross             

4. Entrance from Back Ocho   

5. Entrance from # 4 of Salida

6. Entrance from Débouleé      

7. Base al Revés 

8. Base al Revés with Cross

9. Blindajes (Blinds) with & without Salto (Jump)

10. Front Ocho with Parada (Stop), Arrastre (Drag) and Woman's Adornment

11. Front Ocho with Back Sacada and Medio Giro (Half Turn) for Woman

12. Exits from al Revés

13. Bringing it all Together (Improvisation of Figures)

14. Final Message

15. Dance Demonstration



Language: English

Duration: 68 min

System: NTSC

Regions: All regions


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Idea and Research: by Antón Gazenbeek

Teachers: Antón Gazenbeek and Cecilia Gonzalez 

Edited and Filmed by: Alex Tango Film

Place: Viejo Correo milonga- Thursdays 10PM by Nina Balbuena

Av. Diaz Velez 4820, -  Buenos Aires, Argentina

Photography, graphic design by: Sergio Segura

Produced by: Sergio Segura Productions

Date: April 2007











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