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Advanced Tango Figures
& Sequences Volume 2


After the success of the first volume of Advanced Tango Figures & Sequences, Antón Gazenbeek & Natalie Laruccia teach eight more exciting and creative tango figures. They bring you challenging yet fun material complete with highly detailed instruction in both the man's and woman's role, the technique necessary to execute the figures properly, and historical background information and anecdotes about those who invented and performed these figures. Special detail and emphasis is given to the lead of the figures as well as the secrets of how to follow them well and how to best apply them to the social dance situation. Don't hesitate.

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Step List:


1. Introduction

2. La Corridita

3. Walk Back with Arrastres (Drags) by Woman

4. Paradas with Sandwiches initiated by Woman

5. Elongated Ochos with Sacadas for Man and Zarandeo Adornment

6. Cambio de Frente (Change of Direction) with Man's Salto (Jump)

7. Planeo by Man with Salto and Back Sacada by Woman

8. Giro with Patadas (Kicks) and changes of Feet for Man

9. Giro with Adornment for Woman and Underarm Turn

10. Dance Demonstration



Level: Intermediate & Advanced

Languaje: English

Duration: 80 min

System: NTSC

Regions: All regions

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Idea and Research: by Antón Gazenbeek

Teachers: Antón Gazenbeek and Natalie Laruccia 

Edited and Filmed by: Steve Shergold - Shergold Studio - -  Charlottesville, VA, USA

Music Courtesy of: Quintango

And Amor Tango by

Photography, graphic design by: Sergio Segura

Produced by: Sergio Segura Productions

Date: July 2006


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