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The tango has always been a dance of the people no matter the age or body type of those who did it. Even though, it has evolved considerably as has the way in which it has been taught. The technification of tango, product of the fusion with other more stylized dances, has resulted in the depersonalization of the dance. Antón Gazenbeek has formed, based on his investigation, a series of workshops and seminars respecting the original, natural ways in which tango was traditionally taught in Argentina, with the objective of showing the full creativity of the dance. There is a large number of topics that organizers can choose from according tot he interest of their respective community. All of the material used in the workshops is the product of historic investigation from our group.  All of the workshops and seminars have a brief historic introduction on the topic.

Dear Organizer:


We believe that Tango is a unique and creative social dance, and it has its own natural way to be learned. We believe that technique is good to understand this dance but also it might loose the original flavor of this beautiful dance. We DO NOT use any other foreign dance technique to teach Social Tango or Stage Tango, such as  Ballet, Modern Dance, Argentinean Folkloric Dance, Jazz, Bolero,  Ballroom, Tai-chi, Zen, Chamamé, etc.

We only use Tango Technique, which is based on natural movement, excercises and practice.

Exclusively for organizers there is available a detailed guide of all the workshops we offer, to make it easier for them to combine, describe and offer these series of topics in their community. There is also a list of subtopics for each item. The organizer will be able to build our teaching program in his community by himself.

Available workshops and Seminars

Tango de Salon & Traditional Tango


Basic, fundamental concepts for social tango dancing are discussed such as posture and embrace, balance, walking, navigation on the dance floor, musicality, and elegance. This is a workshop destined for all levels of dancers from beginners to advanced dancers who want to clean up and refresh their basics.


Working in The Couple


The couple connection in tango is very important. Learn how to move as one, communicate with your partner through dance and music and together build a creative dance.


Simple Social Dance Adornments for Women


In this workshop of one and a half hours, Carina teaches the simple, yet beautiful adornments for followers and the appropriate places in which to adorn the dance.  Also the proper way in which to execute boleos will be discussed and various types of boleos will be practiced. This is a workshop geared towards followers who want to learn to put elegance, dignity, and expression into their dancing.


Popular Tango Figures from the 1940s, '50s, and '60s


Figures created by the following milongueros masters will be taught: Miguel Balmaceda, Virulazo and Elvira, Pepito Avellaneda. Historical information will be given on each dancer and interesting anecdotes on how and when the figures were invented will be discussed. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn figures from the famous tango maestros who are no longer with us.


Tango Milonguero from the 1940s, '50s, and '60s


Figures created by the following milongueros masters will be taught : Lampazo, Sancinela, Fino and Maria Teresa. Historical information will be given on each dancer and interesting anecdotes on how and when the figures were invented will be discussed. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn figures from the famous tango maestros who are no longer with us.


The Todaro-Bravo System


A special seminar dedicated to the in-depth explanation of the tango system used by Master Antonio Todaro and Raul Bravo. Figures from the system will be taught and explained in the authentic way of Antonio Todaro. A detailed explanation of the system and its basic, key principles will be given so that the dancers may discover their own variations and open the door to a whole world of possibilities.


Vals Criollo


Learn authentic Argentine tango waltz as it is danced in the neighborhood clubs of Buenos Aires. No more of this 1,2,3, 1,2,3. Learn the real musicality used for tango vals.


Orillero Style


Tango orillero is a lost style of social tango dance. It was danced in the neighborhood clubs of Buenos Aires in the 1930s and 1940s. Antón and Carina are one of the only couples in the world today who still dance it and teach it in it's authentic form. Learn this fun, exciting and creative form of tango today!


Tango al Revés (Tango in shadow position) Seminar


Antón and Carina are the only couple in the world today who teach this exciting and fun form of tango from the 1950s in its authentic form. An emphasis is placed on leading and following the figures and on improvisation and not just choreography. Anton teaches the leaders how to improvise in this form of tango and Carina teaches the followers how to concentrate on the lead and follow well. This workshop is recommended for high intermediate to professional level.


Musicality Workshop and Seminar


Discover the rich world of tango music. Learn about the many varied orchestras throughout the ages and each unique point they all had. Learn about the structure of the music: rhythm, melody, beat, syncopation, instrumentation, etc. Learn tools to make you a better, more musical dancer.


Special Seminar on Leader's Technique


Antón is recognized for his strong, clear and unmistakable lead and through this special seminar, he transmits the secrets of his lead to other leaders. In addition to discussion of leading, other important tango vocabulary for leaders is taught such as walking, enrosques, planeos, giros, lápiz, and adornments. This is an invaluable and in depth seminar from which all dancers can benefit.   


Special Choreography Seminar


This is a special seminar geared towards those who are interested in studying performance tango and choreography. Antón will explain all the tools necessary to present an outstanding tango performance: choreographic composition, musicality, use of stage space, entrances for choreography, exits for choreography, Sequences, Finales, Bows and other pertinent information regarding stage tango. Be prepared to work hard and learn quickly as this is a fast paced seminar with much advanced material to be covered. A high advanced or professional level is recommended.


"Learning from the Past" Workshops with video presentations. NEW!!!


These unique, one of a kind workshops link the past with the present.  The participants will have the rare opportunity to view films of milongueros from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s demonstrating figures. These figures will then be analyzed, taught, and explained by Antón and Carina, assisted by Sergio Segura. The exact details of the original interpretation of the steps will be given and a more technical overview of how to apply them to the dance of today will be given by the teachers



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