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 Anton Gazenbeek & Natalie Laruccia

What is the Argentine Tango Cultural tour?


Our mission is to research, preserve and promote traditional tango and other forgotten forms of this dance integrating it with art and music. This company, based in Buenos Aires, is dedicated to the research and acquisition of historical material (documents, videos, photos, and interviews), documenting information related with traditional tango, producing reports, documentaries, shows, lectures and cultural tours to preserve and promote this beautiful culture around the world.

Tango... Beautiful, powerful, creative and with plenty of culture.

The aim of this tour and the products we present is to raise funds to support our mission.

We are able to provide from a 1 day to 6 day program for your community based on our list of options described below.


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Argentine Cultural Tour Contents


Tango History Film Presentations

Antón Gazenbeek has carried out a profound and thorough investigation of over 9 years into the roots of tango dance and culture. With his private collection of videos, documents and photos obtained from many sources around the world and from personal interviews with authentic milongueros and dancers from all time periods, he has revealed the mysteries of tango. Antón will speak about tango, milonga and vals and give a review of all the different styles with which those dances have been interpreted from 1920 until today.

Oriented towards universities, social institutions and/or private groups interested in discovering the evolution of tango dance.

By Antón Gazenbeek: Tango Historian, assisted by Sergio Segura.


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Historic Tango Dance Recreations

The tango evolved and had many different interpretations throughout the ages. Antón Gazenbeek and Carina Losano are experts in the old and almost forgotten styles of Canyengue, Orillero and Tango Fantasía. They are also experts in tango salón and stage tango of the 1980s. Their great passion is the show “Tango Argentino” in which they are well known experts. They recreate choreographies from the show in original makeup and costumes.  

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Tango Dance workshops and Seminars


Several topics for workshops using material based upon historic research including a speech on its history.

Tango milonguero, Vals criollo, Milonga, Tango Orillero, Tango Fantasia, Musicality, Different orchestras interpretation, Tango Figures from the 1940s, ‘50s and ‘60s (Steps from Miguel Balmaceda, Virulazo, Pepito Avellaneda, Lampazo, Sancinela, Fino, Arturito).


The special feature of this tour:

Tango al Revés: Tango in shadow position . An fascinating and fun style from the '60's with an alternative embrace.


By Antón Gazenbeek & Carina Losano assisted by Sergio Segura.

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"Learning from the Past" Workshops with video presentations. NEW!!!


These unique, one of a kind workshops link the past with the present.  The participants will have the rare opportunity to view films of milongueros from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s demonstrating figures. These figures will then be analyzed, taught, and explained by Antón and Carina, assisted by Sergio Segura. The exact details of the original interpretation of the steps will be given and a more technical overview of how to apply them to the dance of today will be given by the teachers.

By Antón Gazenbeek & Carina Losano assisted by Sergio Segura.


Art and Photograph exhibitions

Sergio Segura began photographing many young tango dancers in Buenos Aires, being one of the first to introduce digital photography in Argentina. In the last few years, due to his deep interest in tango, he has dedicated himself to photography. His exhibits have been shown all over the United Status and have been recently presented in the World Tango Festival and the NYC Summer Tango Festival.

His best known works are the tango photography recreations: “Tango in París 1920” and "Tango Argentino show in 1983" with have been shown in The World Tango Festival 2006. The magazine Tango Danza, of Germany, has bought the rights to Mr. Segura’s photos to make a production of tango postcards on sale all over Europe.

The aim of this tour is also invite local artists to show his work related with tango.

All this work will be shown and sold at special events with a dance demonstration.


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New Tango Teaching DVDs Release

Sergio Segura Productions is dedicated to the production and sale of tango teaching DVDs taught by the professional dancer and historian Antón Gazenbeek with Natalie Laruccia and Cecilia Gonzalez.


In this tour we are presenting 3 new teaching DVDs:

Advanced Figures & Sequences Volume 2. Level: Intermediate and Advanced. NEW!

Tango Salón: The Fundamentals of Social Argentine Tango. Level: Beginners. Filmed in the legendary milonga club Sin Rumbo. NEW!

Tango al Revés: Tango in shadow position Level: All Levels.

A fascinating and lost style with an alternative embrace from the 1960’s. First and only teaching video in the world of this style!!


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The Anthropology of Tango Show


This is a multimedia educational show which portrays the evolution of tango dance. It is the result of many years of research conducted by Antón Gazenbeek on the anthropology of tango dance and history. It has an original and creative mix of lecture, rare and historic video clips, and live dance demonstrations with authentic costumes from the original time period. This show allows the viewer to understand how tango has evolved into what it is today.

The show is ideal for educational and cultural institutions, museums, and embassies


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August 16th to 26th

Buenos Aires

Tango World Championship Qualifications - NEW!!

These are the qualifying rounds for all those interested in participating in the World Tango Dance Championships in Buenos Aires. The American Final will be held during the VII NYC Summer Tango and Film Festival, July 15th to 22nd.

Preliminaries will be held in every city visited by  "The 3rd. Argentine Tango Cultural Tour". The winner will receive facilities to travel and compete in NYC.


(send an email to: for more details...)

Documentary films and diffusion of investigation about social tango


Antón and Sergio are constantly interviewing authentic milongueros on film trying to understand and preserve the voice of these social dancers. Their impressions, stories, anecdotes, and social customs will be discovered by those interested through these films.

Different topics have been preserved in different documentaries which will soon be presented in international film festivals.   


(more info coming soon..)

About Antón Gazenbeek and Carina Losano

For Antón Gazenbeek and Carina Losano the preservation and conservation of historic tango styles is very important. Their dance style reflects the style of the authentic milongueros of the 1940s and 1950s and especially the dance of Maestros Antonio Todaro and Raúl Bravo.


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Argentine Tango Cultural Events Producer & Artist Representative

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