This company is dedicated to the research, acquisition of historical material (documents, videos, photos), documentation of information related to historic and traditional tango. With the results of this research, we produce Film Documentaries, Shows, Historic Tango Dance Recreations (vintage tango dance), Articles, Film Presentations, Art and Photography Exhibits, Teaching DVDs and Cultural Tours to preserve and promote this beautiful dance and its culture around the world.

You are welcome to join us in this tango adventure.


Sergio Segura is Tango Teacher, Dance Couch, Dancer, Producer, Researcher and president of Strictly Traditional Argentine Tango. To know more about Sergio, please click here.


Anton Gazenbeek is a Tango Dancer, Teacher, Historian, Choreographer, Video collector, Author and Director of The School of Traditional Argentine Tango.

To know more about Anton, please click here.

To contract any event or artist in this website, please contact:

Sergio Segura

Argentine Tango Cultural Events Producer

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