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Antón & Natalie Biography

Antón Gazenbeek

Is a professional dancer, teacher, and choreographer of Argentine Tango. He has studied with the best tango maestros in Argentina and danced with two of the top female tango dancers in the world: Guillermina Quiroga and Alicia Monti. He is a well rounded, versatile dancer with training in social as well as stage and performance tango and is adept at all forms of tango from the Canyengue of the 1890s to the Tango Fantasia of the 1950s to the Tango of today. He has studied extensively social tango and milonguero style with the best milonguero maestros of Buenos Aires .


Antón has performed at Lincoln Center in New York City with Carina Losano, The Museum of Fine Arts Houston, World Tango Festival and in the shows of Club del Vino, Chiquilin Tango, Esquina Tango, and Milonguisimo in Buenos Aires and in the world premiere of the new work of Luis Bacalov “Misa Tango” in Harvard University with Guillermina Quiroga as well as at the World Tango Festival 2005 and 2006. He is the Artistic Director of his own company and show “Siempre Tango” with which he has made presentations in Japan and the United States. He has given exhibitions in the most prestigious Buenos Aires milongas such as Sunderland, Sin Rumbo, Salon Canning, Nino Bien, Porteno y Bailarin, Gricel, among many others and taught classes in Sin Rumbo (Villa Urquiza), the Escuela Argentina de Tango, Unitango Academy, and Tango Brujo. In Buenos Aires, he is protege and assistant to the renowned maestro Raul Bravo, creator of the "Todaro-Bravo Tango System" together with Antonio Todaro. Antón is considered one of the most authentic proponents of this style of dance and proudly keeps it alive today.


He has given workshops, classes, and exhibitions in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Boston, Tokyo, Kyoto, Kobe, Fujisawa, Nagoya, Seoul, Shanghai, Detroit, Houston, San Antonio, San Diego, New York City, and numerous other cities around the world. In addition to performing in shows and milongas, Antón has performed tango on television on channels such as Telemundo, Univision, ABC, The Tourist Channel, The Travel Channel, and NHK Japanese TV. Antón teaches all styles of tango, milonga and vals from salon tango to tango fantasia. He specializes in historic styles of tango from all time periods and is especially adept at the style of Antonio Todaro and the milonguero style tango of the 1940s and 1950s as well as "Tango al Reves”. He is also available for choreographies and coaching.


Antón is also a highly respected tango historian with many years of investigation into the history and roots of tango dance and music. He has presented lectures on the history and evolution of the dance in universities such as Carnegie Mellon as well as produced a number of film documentaries filmed on location in Buenos Aires. In 2006 he was invited to coordinate the series of historical lectures at the World Tango Festival where he also gave historical presentations together with Maria Nieves, Gloria and Eduardo, among other tango legends.     

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Natalie Laruccia

Is a professional Tango dancer, teacher, and choreographer with an extensive background in classical ballet, theater, ballroom dancing, and salsa.  It is through her Argentinean grandfather, who was a tango dancer and actor in the silent films during the time of Carlos Gardel in the 1920s and 1930s, that she has such a strong feeling for the tango and interprets it so very well. She has realized an extensive study of Tango with some of the greatest maestros of Buenos Aires.


She has given workshops, classes, exhibitions and tango shows while on tours throughout Japan and the U.S. where she has worked in such cities as Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Kobe, Kyoto, San Francisco, New York City, San Diego, Detroit, Houston, San Antonio, Boston, among others. She has participated in numerous shows in Buenos Aires such as Esquina Tango and Milonguisimo, and performed in all the major milongas of Buenos Aires including Sunderland, Sin Rumbo, Salon Canning, Porteno y Bailarin, Gricel, Glorias Argentinas, Club Ciudad de Buenos Aires, etc. In Buenos Aires, she is protege of the renowned maestro Raul Bravo, creator of the "Todaro-Bravo Tango System" together with Antonio Todaro. Together with Antón, she is considered one of the most authentic female proponents of this style of dance and proudly keeps it alive today.


Natalie has performed in the World Tango Festival 2005 and 2006 and has appeared dancing tango on television programs broadcast all over Latin- and North America on channels such as ABC, The Travel Channel and has filmed tango commercials for The Tourist Channel which are currently being aired worldwide. She has also appeared on NHK Japanese TV as well as Univision and Telemundo Mexican TV. Natalie is well known and respected for her strong interpretation of tango and her forceful personality in the dance.         

Natalie is also a recognized photographer. Her work can be visited at:


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